Skype/Phone Sessions

Jon coaches actors all over the world using Skype.
• Live outside the Los Angeles area and are preparing an audition or a role?
Book a Skype or phone session.
• Working on a dialect? Need to check your progress?
Book a Skype or phone session.
• Got an audition tomorrow with a Cockney accent? Or a voice-over gig in a Southern dialect?
Book a Skype or phone session.
• On location and need to brush up your Russian accent?
Book a Skype or phone session.
• Working on your Standard American accent?
Book a Skype or phone session.

One-to-one or Group Session
Jon will work one-to-one with you at the rates quoted below; or with multiple clients through via phone-conferencing or online video-conferencing. Great for projects with participants in different parts of the world. E-mail Jon with details of your needs, and he will quote you a group price.

Recording the Session
You may want a recording of the session for repeated playback. Many devices will help you record the session at your end. If you prefer, Jon will record the session at his end and make the recording available to you for immediate download for free. Or we can mail you a recording of the session on a CD/DVD for a $25 charge.

1 Hour Skype/phone-coaching, $200.00

On-line storage and download of Mp3 recording of Skype/phone-coaching session, free with single sessions and all prepaid packages.

: Free Mp3 recording of all sessions; CD/DVD, $25. Overnight and int’l shipping extra.

Private Skype/Phone-coaching rates: 1-hour session, $200; 30-minute session, $100; 15-minute session, $50. Check rates for discounted multiple-session rates and all policies and procedures.

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Single Session

Multiple-Session Packages

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