Jon holds Acting, Dialect and Accent Reduction Workshops in Los Angeles and all over the United States and Europe. If one of his workshops is not scheduled in your area, whether it be in the United States or elsewhere, contact him to set one up. Jon can design a workshop or class just for your group.

Many theaters schedule a workshop during rehearsal for a production, single-day or longer. Jon works one-on-one with the show's actors as well as in group sessions.

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Power Acting
Intensive 2-day workshop in the essentials of Acting

The workshop consists of :
  • the fundamental elements and principles of acting
  • how to break down a script, scene by scene
  • how to find the arc of the character
  • how to break down a scene, moment by moment
  • how to make sense of the individual moments and bring them to life
  • various techniques to concentrate and awaken yourself emotionally including:
  • fundamentals of “The Method”, the Lee Strasberg/Actor’s studio technique, with an emphasis on relaxation and basic sense memory work and how to use it for achieving concentration and emotional life
  • fundamentals of the Meisner technique, studied by many of the most famous American actors of the last 5 decades. Helps the actor’s responsiveness to the other actor, develops moment to moment truthfulness and sharpens improvisational acting, especially good for film & TV work
This workshop is valuable for actors of all levels.

Accent Reduction

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of speech and the neutral, non-regional American accent.

The workshop can be tailored for speakers of a particular language, such as Spanish, Chinese or Indian, or a particular English speaking country, such as Australia or Ireland, or even region in American, such as Texas, focusing on how that language or region affects speaking neutral American English.

This workshop is useful not only for actors, but for anyone who needs to reduce or eliminate their accent. Whether you have a foreign accent or American regional accent, this course will put you on the road to a new way of speaking.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a library of sounds and information with which you can keep improving your speech for months.

Workshops in the American accent are not only for actors, but for foreign speakers from all walks of life.

Accents and Dialects
Jon offers workshops in American accents, British accents and other foreign accents. He can tailor the workshop to the needs of the group, or offer a standard mix of all of the above to equip the actors with a range of skills.

E-mail Jon: for a quote. Let us know the topics or the project, the number of participants, and some preferred dates.