Accent Reduction/Accent Elimination

If English is your second language, or a regional dialect holds you back, you might need
accent reduction or accent elimination training.

If you want to lose your accent or improve your American accent, if you want to speak relaxed, beautiful American English, you need
accent reduction or accent elimination training.

Jon will record the session and send you the recording via the file sharing app, Dropbox.

Private In-person & Skype/Phone-coaching rates: 1-hour session, $250; 30-minute session, $125; 15-minute session, $70.
rates page for discounted multiple-session rates and all policies and procedures.

Recordings: Free Mp3 recording of all in-person sessions and free videos of all online sessions.

Calls: Free world-wide with Skype. (Get Skype free) Landline phone calls free within the USA and many other countries, otherwise at prevailing rates. Mobile phone calls outside U.S. and Canada at prevailing rates.

Quotes: E-mail Jon: with your needs, and he will quote the exact price of your order, and send you a special e-invoice or indicate other payment options.


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