Acting Coaching
Whether you need to prepare an audition or a role you've been cast in, whether for film, TV or theater, Jon’s practical, no-nonsense approach, based on decades of eclectic training and experience, will help you deepen your understanding of the material, make clear, personal, exciting choices, and bring yourself to life.

Accent Reduction
Whether English is your second language or you want to lose a regional dialect, if you want to speak or act with a non-regional American accent, you will benefit from Jon's brilliant and engaging approach to accent reduction.

Dialect Coaching
If you need to do an American or English accent or a foreign accent, as an expert in British, American and foreign accents and dialects, Jon can help you learn and perfect the accent you need for your audition or role.

Voice Coaching
If you are having vocal issues, Jon will help you identify and resolve them, and achieve a more relaxed, beautiful, rich and expressive voice. If you want to develop a voice for a character you're playing Jon will help you create that voice.

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Production Coaching - Film, Television & Theater

With over 100 film, television and theater coaching credits, Jon is one of the most experienced coaches in the industry.
Jon can be on set for the length of your production, for just a few days, or coach actors remotely over Zoom.
For lower-budget projects, have Jon prepare the actors before the shoot, then send him audio clips to offer thoughts on and prepare actors for post-production.

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